ImageX Blog: Posts in November 2009

Creating a Basic Feature for OpenAtrium

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In my previous post I explained how to get up and running with OpenAtrium. Once you’ve done that you’re ready for the next step – creating a basic feature.

Features Admin

Features is one of the cooler contrib modules I’ve seen in a while. It probably ranks just below MenuTrails on my list of totally awesome modules. Features allows you to create what are in effect mini-modules which contain code to import CCK types and fields, views, imagecache preferences, blocks, panels settings – pretty much anything that has an export/import function.

Design on the Go: Best Practices for Mobile Sites

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Being able to design for mobile devices is a skill that is becoming more and more crucial for any web designer. Gone are the days when having a website for a company or organization is good enough – increasingly, people are looking for information while on the go, and designing for those tiny screens is a whole new ball game. Designing for mobile devices has a different set of rules than designing for the web – and in order to keep up with the way the market is going, you’ve got to be able to do both well.

OpenAtrium and You: A Guide

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A few weeks ago I was tasked with developing an Intranet for a client of ours. We decided to set them up with an instance of OpenAtrium, a Drupal project from the guys over at Development Seed. It’s a fairly new project, but what I’ve seen has really impressed me. I won’t use this post to detail the pros and cons of the system (that’s for another day, after we’ve had time to really test it out), but rather will guide you through the process of getting OA set up in the first place, and then in the next post I’ll show you how you can expand its capabilities using Features.