ImageX Blog: Posts in August 2009

Tips for Preparing for a New Website

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You’ve made the decision – your old website has to go. Maybe it’s outdated, confusing, dysfunctional or just plain ugly. Whatever the reason, your website is not meeting your needs and is standing in the way of taking your business or organization to the next level.

So what next?

10x10: 10 Patches to Watch 10 Days Before Drupal 7 Code Freeze

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It’s hard to believe we’re only ten days away from Drupalcon Paris and Drupal 7 code freeze. As of September 1st, the development focus will shift from new features and APIs to bug fixes and polish that will ultimately result in a stable release. While it may seem like Drupal 6 was just released, this has actually been the longest development cycle in the project’s history. This time has allowed core developers to make many monumental changes.