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Better Safe Than Sorry: Securing Your Data as a Telecommuter

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There are many, many perks to being a telecommuter or remote worker. But there are challenges as well, and one of those is the risk you take when you have your clients’ sensitive data on your computer. As a remote worker, the data you store on your machine can be your livelihood, and losing it could be extremely painful financially and professionally. But just as important as not losing it is not letting it get into the wrong hands. It’s amazing how much information is worth these days, and data security is paramount. So what can you do to protect your clients’ data while it resides on your computer?

Hide it on the internet

One option for those who know they’ll always have remote access to a server is to keep all their data off their workstation. The primary drawback to consider with this option is that a loss of connection will prevent you from working. Secondly, lag could become a problem too. Even with today’s networks, working off entirely remote files can be quite slow.

Photoshop vs. Fireworks: Which Is Best for Web Design?

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Photoshop and Fireworks are the two most popular applications used to design websites and pages, but often designers are familiar with only one and not the other – or, in the case of beginning designers, they don’t know which application to use. Both Photoshop and Fireworks have strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to know where each excels or falls short when deciding which is best for your web design projects. To help you make this decision, I’ve broken down the pros and cons of both.

Photoshop (PS)

Photoshop was created by brothers Thomas and John Knoll. The first version (0.63) was released in 1988, and the 1.0 version was launched in 1990.