Bryan Sharpe

Lead Developer

Bryan started developing websites as a teenager for local bands and has never stopped. As a lead developer at ImageX, Bryan brings a rich background of Drupal development and commerce-driven solutions. Over the last 5 years Bryan has been involved in development of large telecomunication websites such as Telus Mobility and Koodo Mobile.

A lover of new technology, Bryan is always up for a challenge and looking to get his hands dirty into the latest programming languages and framworks. The big change of Drupal 8 adopting Symfony is really exciting to Bryan, and he believes this will be a gamechanger for the Drupal community. Bringing OOP, restful web services, twig, and an abundance of other features to Drupal core make it an extremely powerful platform to work on.

Bryan has also been the lead developer on his own personal project for the past couple years that connects social networks and APIs to create customizable and auto-updating websites, called Me in a Nutshell.

Outside of work, Bryan is a family man who enjoys spending his free time playing and exploring the beautiful British Columbia outdoors with his wife and three children. Bryan also enjoys working on personal development project, playing music, hockey, golf, and BBQ'in.

Quick Facts

Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy

Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Singer: Freddy Mercury

Favorite book: The Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follet

Favorite TV Show: Mr. Robot (Currently)

Favorite Food: Curried Chicken