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We go that extra step to create an experience that delights your users — making it memorable.

An impactful digital experience plays a vital role in any organization’s success. From the smallest of details on a page, to the view of the entire user journey, the way a user interacts with your site can have a huge effect on how they view your brand. At ImageX, we take a holistic approach to our solutions towards overall organizational goals, sales/marketing initiatives, brand tone/feel, and the needs of your unique users. We want to get to the soul of your brand and have it ring throughout every aspect of your digital experience.

We have developed core UI/UX design strategies and principles that deliver significant ROI. We want to work with your team, as partners, to help elevate your brand through informed, innovative, and thoughtful design. We never forget the main purpose of a digital experience is to communicate with real people. We go that extra step to create an experience that delights your users — making it memorable.


UI/UX Initial Review & Findings

  • Break out core pages of your site in relation to your goals and metrics
    • overall brand cohesiveness
    • color, typography, imagery, contrast
    • content hierarchy
    • key calls-to-action and conversion focal points
    • accessibility considerations for users
  • Highlight pros/cons and compare to industry standards
  • High-level suggestions for improvement on design, content hierarchy, and other UI/UX components
  • Use findings to create a UI/UX Design Workshop agenda specific to your needs


We collaborate with you in hands-on, interactive workshops to:

  • Understand top goals and initiatives of your brand, and how your site will tie in with your objectives
  • Explore your current brand and future possibilities
  • Review competitor and inspiration sites
  • A/B Test design solutions (user group polling and ranking)
  • Discover layout possibilities and best practices of UI/UX design through guided sketch sessions

UI/UX Discovery Brief and Consultation Summary

  • Summarize findings from design workshop and initial reviews
  • Collaborate with your team to develop a timeline of checkpoints and next steps
  • Identify long-term goals and steps to continue to grow through the quarter/year


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