Make mobile content management faster, easier, and cheaper with a decoupled CMS.

Mobile web application development can now be done using ‘headless Drupal’ to connect your website content management system with your mobile app using a single infrastructure. If you have a Drupal website, or are looking for one, and also need a mobile app developer, we’ve got a solution you’ll love. Our unique platform will save you the headache of managing two separate systems.



Simple Mobile software

You get one back end system controlling content on your website and your mobile app. The familiarity of the Drupal back-end user interface can serve as your mobile app content manager as well.


web content in one place

Notify users of announcements through a single content management infrastructure using Drupal as a headless CMS. It will keep messaging consistent, avoiding mishaps and time delays. 


limitless mobile app ideas

Using our OpenMobile decoupled CMS you’re not limited to a single set of functionalities or ideas. Simple pre-developed code makes this happen efficiently, quickly and within budgets.

What is ‘headless Drupal’? 

How a mobile app developer can use it for your app idea


Headless Drupal is when we take the content management system (CMS) component of Drupal, and ‘decouple’ it. That means we separate it from its ‘head’ which is the user-facing side of the system - the pretty HTML theme it outputs for your site visitors. The end result is basically a back-end infrastructure to control data (i.e. content). You can now manage that content with a platform and user interface (UI) you’re already using for your website (i.e. Drupal). But you can send that content elsewhere. In this case, it would be used for mobile application delivery and content syndication from your website to your apps.

    create & Develop with Headless Drupal

    You can enter the app market offering paid or free apps, using the same tool you’ve used to build your website. It’s as flexible and limitless as implementing Drupal for both a website and an intranet or other web application. Drupal can now be used to deliver data to mobile app platforms as well. Our OpenMobile module then does a bulk of the development work right out of the box for you.


    iOS app

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    Android app

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