Built with the needs of higher education in mind

OpenEDU is a pre-configured Drupal 8 implementation specifically built with the needs of higher education in mind. It helps accelerate the development of sites by providing a “kickstart” set of features & configurations. OpenEDU provides the base platform for educational websites and then allows for customization as needed for organizations’ specific situations.

Out-of-the-Box, OpenEDU Provides:

  • Pre-built components for programs, courses & profiles 
  • Content workflows & governance
  • Easy-to-use, responsive layouts
  • News publishing
  • Powerful admin & user options

Each educational institution typically has common elements; but also specific technological, branding, and usage needs. OpenEDU is a solution highly tuned and ready to go for higher-ed organizations, yet still fully customizable.

Why Use OpenEDU for your Drupal Sites?

  • It saves time & money. Create your higher education websites with pre-built components that accelerate development, on the premier open-source CMS in higher education, Drupal 8
  • It’s a solution designed to support the need for flexible, yet cohesive branding across a complex higher education structure of colleges, schools, and programs
  • It provides a user experience that aligns with higher-education organizations’ key needs, such as audience-driven menus, campus directories, and a program page structure tailored to key audiences

What’s next for OpenEDU?

The OpenEDU team has been working with higher education and industry stakeholders, listening closely to what the market is looking for in a Drupal website solution. Key features that are consistently asked for are already built into OpenEDU, with more extensible features coming, including:

  • Creating subsections for departments, empowering a broader group of content editors while maintaining brand standards
  • Standardizing out-of-the-box widgets that can be easily reused or adapted by global users
  • Easy integration with third-party solutions and key functionality, such as Localist event management
  • Comprehensive “site owner” documentation, such as site style guides, to help users leverage the features of OpenEDU


OpenEDU, Powered by Acquia Lightning is a joint collaboration between ImageX (North America), 1x Internet (Europe), Acquia and over a dozen higher-education institutions in both Canada and US. The OpenEDU leadership group collaborates regularly with higher-education groups around the world, speaking with users and stakeholders, presenting at industry conferences, and building sites for the key needs of colleges, universities and other education groups.



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