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What They Needed

Portland State University wanted to be first to the finish line with a Drupal 7 website of their size and calibre. In search of a way to balance their well-defined brand with some ability to adjust the look and feel of each site, they also sought a way to efficiently execute their cross-departmental content strategy.

How We Helped

Starting out with a pre-release version of Drupal 7, ImageX designed three new websites for Portland State and included templating options for their departmental websites so colors and page layouts could be personalized while staying within their branding guidelines. To ensure their many websites had access to all campus content, we built the first version of what would later come to be known as Slide, our content syndication solution, so content could be created and published in one place and automatically shared to their department websites.

The Results

The results were simply awesome. Portland State was able to launch 117+ websites, all connected to their centralized content syndication server, as one of the first Drupal 7 platforms of their scale. Departments were pleased with customizable look and feel, while the University was comfortable with the amount of overall control they maintained over their brand and its integrity.

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