YMCA of Greater Houston



ImageX rebuilt a website for the YMCA Greater Houston, a branch of the worldwide youth development organization. Along with an improved look and feel, came an improved UI/UX and a custom search feature that became the model for other branches.

What they needed

The YMCA of Greater Houston’s website was outdated and had inconvenient functionality, especially for searching programs. They needed to modernize the platform.

How we helped

ImageX redesigned and built the website from the ground up. We made the site much more mobile-friendly—an essential feature given that 60%–65% of Y users visit the site through a mobile platform. The updated navigation made the site simpler to use—people could become members through their phones, which they couldn’t easily do before.

The previous program search tool required users to open a separate website and access a famously troublesome search interface. ImageX integrated the program search into their primary website through a custom interface. The best part is that other YMCAs now have access to use this new search functionality and customize it as needed.

The Results

The new website acquired higher traffic with 5% growth and brought in more sales with fewer clicks, leading to a high level of internal and external praise.

The website received compliments from members, colleagues, and even the CEO upon launch. Program sales also increased by as much as 8% in some verticals. All around, the buyer’s journey improved.


Words from the client

“ImageX’s rebuilding efforts came promptly and at outstanding value. Their honesty, expertise, and ability to keep promises enabled a successful partnership.”

Digital Marketing Manager

YMCA of Greater Houston