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Good Help is Worth Keeping: How to Stay in a Web Agency's Good Books as a Freelancer

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In my last post, How to Land a Freelance Gig With a Web Agency, I mentioned the love/hate relationship some agencies have with freelance developers. On one hand, they are an invaluable part of the feast and famine cycle of our industry. But they also bring with them risks, which is why agencies tend to screen freelancers pretty closely.

But once you, the freelancer, have your foot in the door, you’d probably like to keep it there – and get the rest of your body in as well. For many freelancers, nothing beats being sent regular, well-paying work without having to make cold calls, respond to RFPs or hand-hold clients.

Good Help is Hard to Find: How to Land a Freelance Gig With a Web Agency

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Getting regular work through a firm or agency is an appealing prospect for many freelance web developers. One of the greatest benefits of working for an agency is having a team to work with instead of being solo on a project. It can be a good means of personal growth and development to have others working alongside you. Another perk is that you usually don’t have to deal with the client directly, which often involves educating them a lot and some occasional hand-holding. You can stick to what you love and what you’re good at and let the agency deal with administrative things like proposals, project scope, billing and customer communication. The agency does the work of looking for and securing the job, often spending many unbillable hours responding to RFPs and competing against other agencies for the work.