You may be getting tons of traffic to your business website, but what’s the point if your visitors don’t do what you want them to do? The best way to create conversions is to put some extra focus on your website to turn it into a lead-generating, conversion-grabbing machine.

Here are some straight forward, tried and tested tips for improving conversion rates on your website.

Keep it Simple

If you have a landing page for your site, keep it simple. If you don't have one, it's time to get one. A landing page has the potential to tell your visitors exactly what you do and exactly what you want them to do, whether it’s to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or contact you for more information. Remove advertisements, clutter, and anything that might take away from what you want your potential customer to do needs to be sidelined.

Targeted Landing Pages

If you’re using any form of advertisement to get more traffic to your website, you should consider different landing pages for each ad campaign, especially if you’re targeting different audiences. A landing page made specifically for the group you’re targeting can potentially outperform your regular landing page by 115%. It can be as simple as changing a few words that will mean something to those visiting your page through the ad but can result in more conversions for your business.

Offer a Live Chat Feature

Live chat features on websites are becoming the new wave of customer service. It's a smart way of doing business since 53% of customers prefer to talk to someone online before contacting a customer service phone number or e-mail address. It's convenient and fast, and it gives possible converting customers the chance to ask important questions before deciding.

Include Visuals

Depending on your business and the type of products and services you offer, visuals can vary. But, there’s usually room for them somewhere and seeing a product in action could be just what a visitor needs to convince himself to buy it. If you offer a digital product, use a screen recorder to show the product in action. For a service, you might consider recording some video testimonials from people who’ve done business with you.

Whatever your business or industry, these tips can work to increase your conversions quickly. The key is to think like your customer – what makes you decide to make a purchase after checking out a website? Use your thoughts to your advantage for turning traffic into steady conversions for your business.

Note: Original article contributed by Jackie Edwards.