EBook - Drupal 9: Everything you need to know

May 20 2021

If your site is one of the > 600,000 live sites currently on Drupal, you are probably aware of Drupal 9, launched June 3, 2020.

This latest release and the future end of life for Drupal 7 (extended to November 2022) and Drupal 8 (November 2021) will evolve the Drupal platform to fully integrate with Symfony as the underlying framework, the first Drupal 9 release requires a more recent release of Symfony, version 4.4. This brings enhancements to the framework that Drupal code and module developers can leverage to advance and develop new features. Drupal 8 will reach end-of-life due to its dependence on Symfony 3.4, which is scheduled for the end of life in November 2021.

Unsure of what this means for you, download our guide on Drupal 9: Everything you need to know.

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