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When your website is released to the public, it's also available to be found by search engines, like Google. Google will ‘crawl' your website and essentially ‘read' the content of the website. Based on what Google thinks your website is about, they can return it as a search result when someone searches on a term that is related or relevant to your content. Being discovered in Google is as important as ever before. SEO is evolving to include tactics like reviews, local, mobile and even voice search optimization.

63,000 seo

There are 63,000 Google searches per second,
every hour, of every day you need to stand out.

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How your website and content is optimized can greatly aid or hinder how effective Google is at accurately ‘indexing' your website. There are fundamental steps that must be taken to make sure that search engines can clearly understand who you are and what your website is about. Conformity to Google's search quality standards is the first step to ensure that your website will rank for relevant search terms. Fortune 500 company, NGO, or higher education, no matter where you fit in, search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential tool for driving qualified traffic to, and the overall success of a digital experience.

The evolution of SEO is constant, Google is continually updating its organic search algorithm. You need an SEO consultant to manage this. You need an SEO expert that understands how this fits into a holistic digital marketing strategy in order to deliver results. And that's where our experts come in.



Of online experiences begin with a search engine


Of links users click on, are organic


Of user focus on organic results and ignore paid ads

Positioning is key

If your website is not on the first page of Google you're missing out on a potential source of traffic that can be enormous. Companies actively measuring the ROI on their SEO have shown returns of 500% or more.

Users that arrive at your website from organic search have a 25% higher conversion rate compared to the equivalent paid advertising traffic.





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