Every smart solution begins with a well-thought-out strategy. This is where we help you lay the foundation for success.

ImageX wrote the book on project management. They were intuitive to our needs and understood our quirky behaviour and adapted immediately.“

Judi Christy / Director of Marketing & Communication, Akron Area YMCA

Digital Strategy

Before creating any solution, we can help you to identify the best approach to your digital strategy. A solid digital strategy is the basis of digital business growth and true transformation.

Determining what your users want from you and how you can reach them is primary, then we can personalize the experience to each and every user.

Content Strategy & Planning

Content is a central dimension of their website's user experience and a key differentiator for increasing user satisfaction. In many organizations, content strategy is the activity that drives user experience, SEO, and mobile strategy.

It is a critical dimension of a digital project, and an important step to ensure that, well after launch, the solution remains relevant, well-organized, and easy to use.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Collaboration is in our DNA. The goal is to create a  data-informed digital strategy that will help you accomplish your goals & objectives, and transform your business.

The evolution of SEO is constant, search engines are continually updating their organic search algorithm, through our approach, we’ll help create an SEO digital strategy that aims to produce higher ROI and grow your business.

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All decisions we make are based on research and data.  Research takes place at every stage of our project cycles, we keep on top of the latest trends and insights, undertake extensive customer and industry research, and bring these findings to our clients.

Our learnings also influence the approach we will take in the discovery stage where we will engrain ourselves in your organization and culture.

Social Media Management

Understanding your social media ecosystem is crucial to maximizing your social content and online presence outside of your website.

Our team can help you map the best approach to drive engagement with your users, and ensure brand consistency across all platforms.

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