The Future of Marketing is Personalized - Here’s 5 Web Personalization Tools Worth Checking Out

Mar 31 2016
Brands are personalizing their marketing efforts in a myriad of ways including targeted mobile commerce outreach initiatives and behavior-specific messaging. There is growing interest in this sector as savvy entrepreneurs build startup companies to help business owners maximize the potential of their marketing efforts.  For a tiny peek at the innovation happening in the personalized marketing sector, check out the following collection of up-and-coming startups:  

1. Sauce 

Sauce is a must-discover tool for content marketing and brand managers on the hunt for marketing personalization resources. Sauce offers everything from email marketing personalization to advertising targeting. One of the best business-facing features of Sauce are the technology integrations to marketing resources like Optimizely, Constant Contact, Facebook Custom Audiences, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor. Personalize your marketing to customers in real-time and watch your conversion rates soar thanks to Sauce. Sauce features:
  • Display different ad banner versions based on previous views and/or purchases by users
  • Serve custom offers to potential cart abandoners based on their shopping cart contents
  • Create custome messaged based on products added to carts or by geo-targeting (location) 
Web personalization tool: Sauce   


2. Mently 

Mently offers personalization as a service. Connect with potential customers in real-time in numerous ways. Offer a location-enabled coupon or reward an app user based upon their usage patterns. Use the power of consumer intelligence to inform your interaction initiatives. Mently features:
  • Real-time engagement
  • Audience intelligence
  • Omni-channel promotions
Web personalization tool - Mently  


3. Qubit 

Qubit offers a number of personalization tools to help you improve your customer interactions. Choices range from landing page customization to personalized mobile apps and customized customer recommendations. Useful for multiple industries including travel and mobile gaming, Qubit offers data management tools, customer analytics, and experience engagement resources. Qubit features:
  • Serve personalized content across different channels and devices 
  • Profile users using behavioral data, purchase hitory and off-site data
  • Import CRM data and serve up the same in-store offers online
Customer Experience Tool Qubit  


4. Function 

Function helps brands create personalized outreach campaigns for influencers. Instead of trying to appeal to a broad cross-section of online consumers, Function can help a company target their messaging so it appeals to an influencer with the highest potential to impact others. AtYourFunction features:
  • Identified top-tier market influencers
  • Create personalized campaigns
  • 1:1 messaging with top segment influencers
Target Audience Messaging Tool AtYourFunction  

5. Storymail 

Storymail offers personalization for videos. Integrated with numerous platforms including Salesforce, MailChimp, and Mandrill, Storymail helps brands distribute personalized images and videos to their preferred outreach networks. Storymail features:
  • Generates personalized video content
  • Integrates with several CMS'
  • Provides engagement data, anaylsis and insights
Web personalization video tool StoryMail  


Integrating personalization into your growth strategy can help you to maximize your marketing spend. The startups listed above are just a few of the innovative new tools at your disposal. Monitoring fresh companies within this sector not only helps you to be among the first to discover powerful resources, you might even stumble upon a tool that can help increase your revenues. Will you be incorporating personalization into your marketing plans this year?
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