Google Confirms Major Update

We’ve talked about this before. Your SEO strategy shouldn’t involve chasing Google updates everytime someone gets on Twitter. That said, it is important to understand what Google is trying to achieve and improve with a core algorithm updates, and one person you should follow on Twitter in this regard is Danny Sullivan, Google’s public liaison for search.

What is a Core Algorithm Update?

One of the primary reasons that Google makes updates to the algorithm is to improve relevance in the search engine results page (SERP).

A couple of other important reasons that Google releases these updates are related to how backlinks to your site and your content gets scored as ranking signals.

If your SEO strategy focuses on producing useful, relevant content for your users, and maybe a little bit of content is the calibre that other authorities want to link to — you have a solid strategy to rank well over the long term.

Here are two links to great content from a couple of the SEO industry’s leading authorities. This content will not only shed light on the importance of the mid-December algorithm update, but it will hopefully help put the whole concept of chasing the algorith into a little more perspective.

Maccabees Update: Google Confirms New Core Algorithm Changes - Search engine Journal

Following published reports about the Maccabees Update, Danny Sullivan, Google's public liaison for search, downplayed its significance on Twitter.

Google Confirms mid-December Search Ranking Algorithm Updates - Search Engine Land

Google has confirmed what many in the search industry have seen over the past week, updates to their algorithm that are significantly shifting rankings in the SERPs.

Main photo by Brian Erickson on Unsplash