June 23-24 was the DrupalCamp Kyiv weekend. This was the 10th anniversary Camp in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the ImageX team was a key part of it!

The event gathered over 400 Drupal developers, managers and enthusiasts from 6 countries. It was a packed weekend with inspiring talks, fresh ideas, and unique atmosphere.

DrupalCamp Kyiv 2018 was very special for us. We contributed to it not only by joining the sponsors and speakers boards as in previous years, but also by contributing our time, energy, enthusiasm and creativity into the event as co-organizers.

Joining the org-team we had a feeling of huge responsibility combined with a pleasure. We gained valuable experience as we were able to see how everything works from within and to collaborate with other people & organizations in the Drupal Ukraine Community.

The various topics discussed during sessions emphasized the community diversity and growth. Apart from coding, there were sessions dedicated to project management, business, and use cases.

The ImageX team were also key in the presentation of session dedicated to:

The number and diversity of sessions (a total of 31!), the amount of attendees (over 400!), numerous sponsors (24 in total from both companies and individuals), new creative event locations, growing marketing initiatives, and happy faces show a great example of how open-source community can benefit from collaborating together.

In the end of the first conference day, conversations and networking migrated to the After Party at the River Port Pub, where everyone could enjoy the pint of beer with the terrific view to the Dnipro river.

On the 24th enthusiastic coders contributed to open-source by participating in the Code Sprint. The Code Sprint gathered over 50 developers who were working with OpenEDU, OpenY and Drupal Core projects during the whole Sunday.

It was an amazing weekend of learning and collaborating, sharing knowledge and exchanging experience, meeting old friends and making new connections together with the whole Ukrainian Drupal family and our friends from abroad.

Huge thanks to those who put their time and efforts to make the event happen!

DrupalCamp Kyiv 2018 is behind us...Looking forward to 2019!

ImageX DrupalCamp Kyiv 2018