How people search for information is rapidly evolving. Advances in technology are making voice search a more enjoyable and useful experience. In general the advances in technology have made it so that people search the internet from their smartphones, tablets or using voice assistants — now more than ever. They way people find and engage with digital experiences is clearly trending in this direction and likely to continue.

It’s not surprising anymore, but over half of online searches happen on a smartphone — and not just for finding a great restaurant. B2B buyers are using their smartphones more and more and will likely continue to.

Voice search is gaining ground. With increased mobile usage, and the arrival of wearables and virtual assistants, voice will continue to increase in search share. Search engine know this, and they’re preparing for it — some even driving it. Search giants, like Biadu predict 50% of searches will be through voice or images, and Google recently released guidelines for speech to it’s human evaluators.

Things to come for marketers and content creators
People will continue to use the internet to find information. The devices they use, and how they actually perform the search will always be changing. Ensuring the information — your content — surfaces as high as possible in search is a critical component of your success.

Here’s a must-read article to give you some fundamental understand of what voice search is, how it is developing, and the possible impact it might have.

Google Voice Search Summary Algo - Search Engine Journal

Learn how Google Assistant uses an algorithm to summarize web pages. Not all content is voice search ready. Is yours? Read this and find out!

Voice search makes it more easier than ever for people to simply ask a question, and interact with machines using a conversational voice to get the information they’re searching for. For sure things will evolve, but in the meantime with a foundation of how voice search is developing, here’s how to get started with SEO for voice search.

Note: skip straight to “How to optimize for voice search” in the article to learn about the importance of Google My Business, conversational keywords and more SEO tactics to help optimize for voice search.

Main photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash