Standing with Ukraine.

We are proud to have grown our Ukrainian team over the past 7 years. And as an organization, we stand together to support our ImageX family.

We are incredibly saddened by the events which are ongoing. Our thoughts are with every individual affected by the conflict.  Like many of you, our wider team wants to help in any way we can.

We have shared below a link for a fundraiser coordinated by ImageX team members.  It's goal is to raise emergency relief, to help our Ukrainian team and their families who are unsure about the future.  Donations will go directly to our team in Ukraine. That will ensure they have funds to flee if and when they can and/or to rebuild their lives.

*This is not a company-sponsored fundraiser and any donations made are not collected or distributed by ImageX itself.

Support our team in Ukraine.

More ways to help

Financial support is a critical tool to help medical volunteers and displaced civilians. In addition to the team-run fundraiser, here are some additional charities where you can support the Humanitarian Aid Effort in Ukraine.  

Please note this is not a fulsome list. It is a small list of charities our team has expressed a desire to support. Thank you.

Ensure your donations are going to legitimate charities, additional information can be found at Charity Intelligence Canada.