Manning Elliott


Manning Elliott is a business advisory firm that provides personalized financial solutions for the accounting departments of small to medium size businesses.

What they needed

Since it had been over two decades since the organization had updated their brand identity, they decided to undergo a rebrand. The timing felt right because they had just moved into a new office space and had experienced extensive growth in the last 3­–5 years. That process started in early 2019, where they had a new logo developed by a graphic artist in New York. They’d already put in a lot of thought into the brand positioning and wanted to align the digital experience with that new identity.

How we helped

We redesigned the 7-year-old website, which the client felt had become quite dated. We were tasked with creating a clean but bold and unique platform that could stand up to competitors, utilizing InVision to create mockups of every page. After confirming each design and layout with the client, the team developed the site on Drupal 8 The project was kicked off in early August of 2019, and there is an ongoing relationship. The site launched in January 2020 and we continue to provide maintenance and consultation

The Results

The client received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, both internally and externally, stating “The end product really blew us away; it’s much better than our competitors’ in terms of design and UX. It’s modern, which is what we were going for. We were thrilled that they managed to capture all of the designated values that represent our business”


“I wish all agencies operated the way that these guys do. They’re extremely organized, and their methodology and approach are simply phenomenal. Everything was done remotely, but they flawlessly leveraged project management tools like Basecamp. They maintained constant communication, which was essential to manage the hard deadline. I would highlight their dedication and organization. They stuck to the game plan and delivered beyond our expectations. On top of that, we got the cream of the crop in terms of their design and development expertise.”