Sorry, It’s Not Personal

Sarah Wall is a Senior Project Manager here at ImageX. Sarah’s career in the tech sector spans seventeen years. She is also a leadership coach, and passionate about helping people reach their full potential.

At the most recent DrupalCon, Nashville 2018, Sarah presented a session about the value of empathy in teams. She shared how every business decision affects people, and that personal relationships are critical to the success of an organization. During her presentation she had the audience form pairs so that they could practice active listening — a skill that is critical to building empathy.

Why we need more empathy

We came across this article on think with Google by Mary Beech, EVP & CMO, Kate Spade New York. We had to share it.

Empathy made me a better leader and marketer. Here’s what it could do for your brand

If someone doesn’t get what I’m trying to communicate, the first thing I do is stop and listen - Mary Beech

This article is about how practicing empathy helped to transform Mary as a leader and empower her as a marketer. She also shares why we need more empathy in business, and how you can apply the practice of empathy to advance your brand.

Main Photo by Bruno Luz on Unsplash