Signs You’re Stressed Out

May 09 2018
Stress affects us all. You might not even realize it, because you may not even be aware of the symptoms. The first step to gain control over stress is to be aware of the various symptoms of stress. It's not difficult to recognize the symptoms, but it does take a little time and awareness for you to learn and understand the cues from your body. Your body is always communicating with you. Chances are you've experienced the "gut feeling" - it's real and we use it all the time. It's your intuition communicating to you through your body. The gut feeling helps you make decisions without relying on logic or reason. When you take the time to slow down and understand the sensations from your body, you are in a position to ward off issues before they potentially turn into chronic health problems. For example, if you are having digestive issues, it may be related to stress and anxiety. Of course there are a variety of other potential reasons, so it's important to always check with your doctor. Check out this video to learn what else your body might be trying to tell you.
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