DrupalCon Seattle

Apr 18 2019

We had a fantastic week at DrupalCon, Seattle, talking with many clients and contacts across the Drupal industry, and showcasing how the ImageX team can help bring success to your projects.

Our team was pleased to have delivered the following sessions, which are now available to recap or view if you were unable to join us at the event:

Lead, follow or get out of the way: Managing global teams harmoniously

Solutions Architect, Yuriy Gerasymov, joined Clyde Boyer of Trinity Education Group, to give a session on managing teams who are fully distributed across the globe.  Many businesses today have one or more distributed teams. Distributed teams operating in different time zones can work on projects around the clock, and strong talent can be found around the world.

However, the benefits of distributed teams aren't without some trade-offs. It can be difficult to adopt the agile practice of face-to-face interactions. Meetings may not always be at a convenient time, depending on which time zone you are in. Scheduling enough crossover time between team members in different locations can be a challenge.

Managing a global team successfully involves much more than navigating time zones and managing people’s calendars.

Attendees learned:

  • Common mistakes that project managers make managing global teams.
  • 5 tips for leading global teams successfully.
  • How to build trust, respect, and teamwork, no matter what the location
  • Ideas on how to inspire your global team to work together more cohesively and to deliver high-quality work on time.

Panel Session: Digital Marketing and Analytics

Senior Digital Experience Architect, Bjorn Thomson, joined a panel of experts within the Content & Marketing Track to discuss the importance of having a holistic approach to content, design, and analytics when creating an overall digital marketing experience. We'll dust off personas and discuss how to level them up to make your communication efforts across all digital platforms more effective. You'll learn the importance of UX and design and how it can hold viewers attention. Lastly, we'll dive into analytics so your team can inform and infuse meaningful data into your decision-making processes.

Attendees walked away with:

  • An arsenal of tools to make creating, presenting and using your personas easier
  • An understanding of research techniques to bring more depth and insight to your personas
  • How to conduct user testing for likability, not just task completion
  • Time-tested principles of color, content architecture and photography
  • How to easily-enacted strategies for crafting your web designs and content strategy to increase users’ positive impression
  • Link business value to web analytics
  • Defeat a “tag all the things” mentality & mature an analytics program

Lifting Engagement with Personalization

In addition, CTO, John Tran, gave a lightning session which showcased in 5minutes, how you can different integrations to bring a higher level of personalization within your digital experiences.  The session highlighted how  ImageX utilized Acquia Lift to give visitors to their clients' site a truly personalized experience.

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