Top SEO Ranking Signals

Google has been completely transparent about the number one thing they focus on when it comes to their search engine — user experience. When John Mueller says that the key to ranking in Google is “awesomeness” — he’s talking about user experience. It shouldn’t be any surprise that Google’s ranking factors are shaped to create the optimal user search experience.

There are many ranking factors. Some are far more important than others to focus your time, energy and resources on. Search Engine Journal has shared what they believe to be the 7 most important ranking signals you need to focus on.

7 SEO Ranking Signals That Matter

High-quality content is still crucial. Does it offer real value? Do you know your users’ search intent? Have you been supporting your content creation with keyword research? Content matters and it deserves your attention.

Mobile is a must. Google has said that a responsive design helps their algorithms and it's their preferred, or recommended format for delivering mobile pages.

Move to HTTPS. It won’t hurt. Way back in 2014 Google announced HTTPS as a ranking signal. Last year the Chrome browser started flagging sites without HTTPS.

User experience needs to be part of your ongoing digital marketing. User experience will impact your SEO, and your bottom line. In terms of SEO though, dwell time is a ranking signal for search engines. Your digital experience can't be painful.

Page speed matters a lot. Google is including page speed as a mobile ranking signal, and have been public about their intentions with mobile, and the mobile index. It is possible that one day the mobile index mayb the only index.

On-Page SEO is a component you need to be on top of. You need to make sure that on-page SEO — metadata, shcema, internal linking and H1s — is dialed in.

Backlinks are one of the top SEO components to focus on. Building SEO backlins is something we’ve been sharing content on for the past couple of weeks. They are still an active ranking signal, and powerful SEO tactic.

Dive deep into these key SEO ranking signals and then make sure your SEO strategy is as tuned in, and focused on them as possible.

Top 7 Ranking Signals for 2018: What REALLY Matters? | SEJ

From mobile-friendliness, to content, and to backlinks, here are the seven ranking factors that will really matter that most for SEO in 2018, and why.

Main photo by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash