The UX of Personalization

Data Drives Great Digital Experiences

Jul 4, 2018

At the start of every project we typically spend a good chunk of the discovery focused on getting to know the user. We’re trying to understand what it is that drives them. What they’re trying to accomplish and what they expect their interactions with the digital experience we’re creating to be like.

Generally we use a variety approaches to learn more about users — interviews, surveys, card sorting, usability testing, etc. In essence what we’re doing is gathering as much data about the user experience as possible. With this data we can make better informed decisions about information architecture, user interface design and content. Personalization is very similar in this regard.

The data that is collected, the profiles that are being built, and the segments being created are the driving force of personalization. This data can teach you things about your users and your business.

Think about the power of the insight you can gain from learning something like which stage of the buying funnel each visitor is at? Read more in this quick, and informative blog post by Acquia - a leader at the forefront of open-source and personalization.

Data - The Driving Force Behind Personalization

Personalization flows through data and is the most important aspect to getting it right.

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