In 2017, the average Canadian family will pay $47,135 in total taxes, or 43.4% of the household annual income.

Fraser Institute has just launched a new and improved Personal Tax Freedom Day calculator which we developed and are very proud of. This is a responsive, and mobile-friendly tool that tells you the day you stop working for government and start working for yourself.

This is a great example of an agency and a client forming a partnership where design, development, and QA for a project are managed in a very collaborative process.

We had a design in mind and they (ImageX) worked with our vision to integrate the functionality into that concept. We couldn't be more delighted by the outcome. - Amberlea Schaab, Director, Production and Marketing, The Fraser Institute

The previous version of the calculator was using ASPX and functioned externally from the main website. With access to the previous version of the calculator we were able to build from the existing business logic/algorithms and improve the user experience and the presentation of the data.

Using jQuery we reduced server requests and streamlined page load times. There’s a feature that compares provinces on a map of Canada that requires some calculations to be made so that the map and the data points placed on it are responsive, and it will adapt styling(CSS) based on changes in browser width.

Here’s a link to the Personal Tax Freedom calculator: Try it out for yourself on your phone or computer and please share with your friends and family.