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The current state of mobile isn’t shocking.

Back in early 2015 Google released a significant update to their algorithm. It caused quite a stir in web development, and the buzz quickly became a roar - “the end is nigh”. Mobilegeddon was the name the update was given, but it was really just an SEO update intended to give mobile-friendly web pages a boost in search. Just a couple of years before that comScore had predicted that mobile usage would surpass desktop.

We’re all engaging in a world where over half of the Internet is experienced on a mobile device. Almost 60% of consumers won’t recommend a business, and about 40% will just turn to a competitor if they’ve had a bad mobile digital experience.

In terms of how the Internet is being used for business, the digital experience is being reshaped by mobile devices in a big way. Things are pretty much the same for every business whether the market is B2B, B2C, higher education or non-profit, but in the past there was quite a difference in Internet strategies for organizations in different sectors. Today, how they approach their mobile digital experiences, and mobile marketing have many similarities.

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CXL Institute is the world leader in digital experience optimization know-how and they comprehend the impact a multi-screen reality is having on businesses and organizations.

Why Responsive Design Is Not Mobile Optimization (and What to Do About It)
This article by CXL is a detailed explanation of why responsive design is not the same thing as mobile optimization. It is a very helpful, and extremely easy to comprehend article. It details the current state of mobile optimization using data, case studies and insights from the leading practitioners in the field. It covers:

  • Current state of mobile
  • Why mobile doesn’t convert
  • Differences between mobile and desktop traffic
  • Responsive design vs mobile optimization
  • Mobile optimization mistakes to avoid

Just because your website is responsive doesn’t mean that it will a great mobile digital experience. Get in touch with us if you’d like to talk more about mobile digital experiences that are optimized for conversion.

Main photo by Sandra Starke