Creating the Optimal Digital Experience

Having an online presence is an integral part of any business, and developing that online presence has evolved tremendously. For most organizations their website falls under the purview of marketing, but there are typically several disciplines involved in the process of developing one. Long gone are the days of just ‘putting up a website’.

Creating the optimal digital experience is the goal of any website or application project. It requires close collaboration between teams. When there is alignment between the disciplines involved in this process expectations can be exceeded. The thing about creating a digital experience is that everyone involved should have the same focus - the end user.

From ZMoT to NOW

The end user might be an individual consumer, they might work at a company or in government, and while they are distinct user groups, they do share some similarities in how they use technologies like the Internet and the devices that connect to it. The most important of these similarities and the one we’d like to give some attention to is the micro-moment.

The movement of the micro-moment can be traced to the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), an expression Google coined back in 2011. A micro-moment is the instance a person turns to an Internet-enabled device to search, learn, find or buy something. A digital experience has to be seamless across screens, it needs to be relevant and connect with a user’s intention as quickly as possible. It is a marketing term, but everyone involved in the creation of a digital experience can make significant contributions to optimize the end user’s micro-moment.

Google is the driving force behind this movement and they are investing significantly in it. is a fantastic resource for every discipline involved in the development of digital experiences. While much of the content is consumer, or B2C focused, the insights, findings and research published on can be applied across the board.

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Think with Google Micro-Moments

Main photo by Dan Carlson on Unsplash