Are you utilizing content marketing as a crucial element of your brand building strategy? Are you offering valuable information on your company's blog and social media streams in an effort to establish your online reputation as a knowledgeable business authority?

While offering quality content is critical, it is also imperative you don't allow your inbound marketing efforts to become stale. If you're not tweaking your content marketing strategy on an ongoing basis, your audience can become bored with your outreach efforts. Maintaining an awareness of new tools for digital marketers is an excellent way to ensure your business development efforts don't become stale. Review the following content tools to see which ones you can incorporate into your business' marketing efforts.



Decisive offers predictive analytics for content shared on social media. Understand which social media platforms are most beneficial to your brand, track analytics on both text and visual content, and measure your company's audience outreach efforts against your competitors. With everything from sentiment analysis to comment analytics, Decisive is a powerful tool every savvy content marketer should be investigating.

Product Features:

  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Multi-channel content scoring
  • Email performance updates
  • Commenting engagement analytics


ImageX Content Marketing App Devisively Analytics


SLIDE.LY is a powerful tool for brand builders to easily create professional slideshows. Their fabulous interface lets you create incredible image sliders for your content. Sliders are updated in real-time whenever new content is published. Add images atop existing sliders, place your CTA over top of a background image, or add movement to your sliders with pan and zoom effects. If you're looking for a way to add eye candy to your content, discovering Slidely is highly recommended.

Product Features:

  • Create instant video or photo slideshows (mobile or desktop)
  • Built-in real-time effects for easier slideshow creation
  • Over 80 modern templates and visual art pre-loaded
  • Integrated with social from Facebook and Instagram to SoundCloud and YouTube


IXM Content Marketing and Slideshow Maker Slidely



For content creators hoping to increase their ROI, GrooveJar is an intriguing find. GrooveJar offers a variety of optimization tools for brand builders. Whether you want to increase your email subscriber rate or improve your website conversion stats, you'll love GrooveJar's powerful interface. Automatically show your company's positive reviews from Yelp and Facebook, add simple surveys to your site (just like Twitter surveys), or add a coupon code pop-up banner to your site. With numerous optimization tools at your disposal, GrooveJar can help you improve the efficiency of your site by allowing you to capitalize on opportunities.

Product Features:

  • Pre-built optimizations applications included
  • Collect prospect names and contact info - easily
  • Launch interactive surveys with commenting
  • Deploy personalized call-to-action interstitial ads


ImageX GrooveJar Personalization Ads



Static is an iOS app that allows you to track social media responses to your content marketing offerings. Whether you want to graph increases in your Twitter followers or you want to view reports relevant to responses to your Facebook posts, you can do so with Static. Add your favorite social media channels with ease and start tracking the data thats most important to you. If you need data or a feature, Static makes it easy to send feature requests through to their team.

Product Features:

  • Push notification alerts
  • Email reports and graphs
  • Detail screens and dashboards
  • Subscriptions for unlimited accounts


IXM StaticApp Social Monitoring Tool



If you are considering creating content for distribution within mobile apps, investigating Contentful is highly recommended. Contentful offers an open API, cloud technology, and full-featured content management platform for content creators. Contentful offers both free and paid options.

Product Features:

  • Content is accessible via Contentful API
  • Content is stored in cloud servers
  • Build out customer content models


ImageX Contentful Content CMS and App



By keeping a close eye on engaging resources for content marketers you can ensure you're not just throwing your marketing dollars to the wind. Integrating fresh resources into your audience outreach strategy helps you stay on top of your game and continually interact with your online audience in new ways. Do you think you'll be incorporating any of the above-listed resources into your brand's growth efforts?