Can These "Under the Radar" Keyword Tools Help You Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy? We’ll Help You Find Out.

If you want your content to continue delivering eyeballs, traffic and engagement, you need a well-honed keyword optimization strategy in place.

Mar 31 2016
Thanks to new innovations in the search engine optimization space, there’s more tools than ever before. This article explores 5 powerful keyword research tools that might not even be on your competitors’ radar yet.  Growing a business via content marketing is no longer optional. With 76% of marketers planning to increase their content outreach efforts this year, businesses not utilizing content marketing risk being left behind. But it's not enough to just create content and hope that something sticks; you need to be savvy with your creation efforts if you hope to stand out in the rising influx of content.  One powerful way to increase exposure for your content is to develop a well-honed keyword strategy. Understanding the potential of the words and phrases you incorporate into your content can make all the difference in whether your content lags on search engines or climbs to front page search engine results. Being savvy enough to understand which long tail-keyword phrases will help your content rank better can have a huge impact on your content's longevity.  If you want to give your content every chance of succeeding, here are 5 under-the-radar keyword tools your competitors probably don't even know exist.  

Tool # 1: InstaKeywords

InstaKeywords lets you perform both basic and in-depth long-tail keyword searches. Enter a keyword you're planning on incorporating into your content marketing efforts and instantly be greeted by numerous long-tail phrases you can weave into your content. InstaKeywords offers data on the number of local and global searches for your chosen keyword, the previous month's search volume, and cost-per-click data. You'll be able to discover which keyword phrases give you the best opportunity to stand out on search engines to maximize the potential of your content marketing efforts. What a handy resource for content optimization, right?  InstaKeywords: Keyword Planning and Optimizing Tool   

Tool # 2: Meta Glossary

MetaGlossary is another nifty resource for content marketers looking for a way to outperform their competitors. Add your keyword, click on the define button, and MetaGlossary will offer you numerous synonyms for your keyword. In addition to synonyms, you'll be able to view words and phrases that relate to your keyword. If you're looking for contextual phrases that can help search engines identify your content as relevant and high value, you can't beat the usefulness of MetaGlossary.   Keyword Optimization Tool: MetaGlossary  

Tool # 3: SEOStack Keyword Tool

Available as a Google Chrome extension, the SEOStack Keyword Tool is a resource worth adding to your content marketer's arsenal. This add-on lets you hunt for appropriate keywords on both Google and YouTube. Find hundreds of related words and phrases you can incorporate into your content development and even export your keyword finds into a CSV file. With video playing an increasingly important role in content marketing, doesn't it make sense to incorporate video-related keywords into your content strategy?   SEO Keyword Research and Optimization Tool: SEOStack Google Chrome App:  SEOStack Keyword Tool  

Tool # 4: Keywords Everywhere

You'll think you've hit the mother-load when you discover the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension. This powerful tool lets you discover keyword data across multiple research sites including UberSuggest, Google Analytics, Google Search, Google Trends, Soovle, AnswerThePublic, and Moz Open Explorer. Uncover search volumes for your chosen keyword, cost per click data, and related phrases. You'll never want for relevant words and phrases again once you've added Keywords Everywhere to your modus operandi.   Keyword Optimization ToolKeywords Everywhere Google Chrome and Firefox App:  Keywords Everywhere Tool

Tool # 5: SEOCentro Rank Checker

If you want to take your keyword analysis to the next level, incorporate SEOCentro's Rank Checker into your content marketing strategy. This helpful tool lets you compare URLs related to your keyword on multiple search engines. Enter your own URL or that of a competitor and find out which other URLs are ranking well for your chosen keyword.    Keyword Research and Optimization Too: SEO Centro  

What Keyword Optimization Tool(s) Will You Use?

With increasingly fierce competition, successful content marketing can no longer be left up to chance. You can't just hope content resonates with your audience; you need to be proactive and give your content every chance of success. Incorporating a sound keyword strategy into your content-creation efforts gives your posts an extra chance of being found, thanks to their ability to rank well on search engines. While other marketers are relying on social media to help customers find their content, you can use smart SEO and social to increase your content's online visibility.  Throughout my career I’ve used several SEO research and optimization tools Some have become part of my arsenal and I’ve relied on their insights to help launch the strategies I’ve carved out.   How many of the aforementioned keyword tools will you check out? Or, have you already integrated some into your own SEO and content efforts?  Share your thoughts - this Digital Strategist is curious.