The Importance of Mobile User Experience

Jun 05 2018
People spend a great deal of time on their phones. ComScore has reported that the average American adult spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone every day. Other studies put the amount of time US consumers spend on mobile at 5 hours a day. The Nielsen Norman Group provides evidence-backed user experience research and at the beginning of this year they published a very informative article on the state of mobile UX. Read more about content vs. ‘chrome’, user gestures and how phone features are enhancing the field of mobile UX design. I find it interesting how improvements that have been made to mobile UX have filtered in other design areas.

The State of Mobile User Experience

Ten years from the original iPhone, the field of mobile UX has finally reached maturity.
On the same topic of mobile UX, another informative read is 12 Mobile UX Design Trends For 2018 from UX Planet’s Nick Babich. One of the top trends that stood out is the trend of prioritizing content over ‘chrome’ and the importance of creating content-centered experiences — a conversation that we are having routinely with our clients:
  • Declutter to improve comprehension
  • Clear visual hierarchy of UI elements

12 Mobile UX Design Trends For 2018

To succeed in the field of mobile UX design, designers must have the foresight and prepare for new challenges around the corner.
The field of Mobile user experience is now well-established, are there’ no shortage of data to support the argument that it’s time to start formulating a mobile user experience strategy. To learn more about how ImageX can help with your digital strategy please contact us today.

Main Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

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