Introduction to Mobile SEO

About 10 years ago the first mobile app was released. I remember having conversations with clients about apps and mobile websites. Organization had legitimate questions about what to do. If you remember, it really wasn’t that long ago that the Internet was only accessible by literally plugging into it. Today, having a mobile website is assumed. A lot changes in a decade.

SEO has been around from the beginning — longer than mobile web for sure. SEO isn’t dead. It’s changing, and adapting. Conservatively there are over 3.5 billion Google searches per day, and more searches happen on a mobile device than on a desktop computer. Mobile SEO can’t be ignored.

Search Engine Journal, or SEJ, has been around for over a decade and takes a community-based approach to search marketing. Their team is made of in-house and independant real-world digital marketing experts, and they publish extremely helpful content about search marketing.

They’ve published a complete guide to SEO and it includes a key component — an introduction to mobile SEO. Mobile SEO isn’t something to be wary of - unless you ignore it of course. It actually presents new and exciting opportunities for the teams creating, optimizing and marketing digital experiences.

Forget mobilegeddon. Welcome the age of mobiletopia!

Mobile devices can leverage a great deal more information and technology than desktops. Businesses with a physical location can tap into geolocation and beacons, and personalized marketing becomes even more powerful because a phone is pretty much always signed in and almost always an individual device. The SEJ introduction to mobile SEO is an excellent resource for search marketing teams that goes into detail on some key areas:

  • How Google deals with mobile search.
  • The impact of Google’s mobile-friendly update.
  • Approaches to making your site mobile-friendly.
  • Optimizing for each mobile-friendly approach.
  • Additional mobile-friendly trends.

Search Engine Journal’s Introduction to Mobile SEO

More than ever, mobile search is becoming the future of SEO, and with that comes a host of new challenges. Here's how you can get started with mobile SEO .

Main photo by Brandon Usmany on Unsplash