User Research is the Smart Choice

It’s Critical to Creating Great Digital Experiences

Apr 26 2018

This week I’m sharing a couple of excellent articles by two of UX’s top thought leaders — UX Planet & Nielsen Norman Group. When creating great digital experiences, whether that’s a mobile application, an intranet or a website redesign, understanding the users’ reality — their needs — is the key to driving business forward. To start with I’d like to draw attention to an article by Nick Babich, Editor-in-chief of UX Planet.

How to Turn User Research into Smart Design Decisions

A great product experience starts with a good understanding of users. In most cases, this understanding comes from user research.

In Nick’s article he shares a 4 step approach to deliver research findings to your team — developers, designers and of course stakeholders. The second article is from one of my favourites — Nielsen Norman Group.

Quantitative User-Research Methodologies: An Overview

The first step to quantitative user-research is choosing the right tool.

In this NN/g article, author Kate Meyers shares an excellent introductory overview into the most popular types of qualitative research. Want to learn more? If you’d like to learn more about some of the user-research we’ve done, or how we might help you gain a truer, more meaningful understanding of your users, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Main Photo by Raul Varzar on Unsplash

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