ImageX Media Proposals for DrupalCon Denver

Nov 10 2011
The time to propose sessions for "DrupalCon Denver": has officially closed. The good folks here at ImageX have put together a list of sessions we proposed. Check them out below and if they are interesting to you, scurry over to the Drupalcon site and cast your vote! Voting closes November 14th! ImageX Media DrupalCon Denver h3. "Heads Up 7 Up - Migration to Drupal 7": *Presenters:* "Benjamin Koether": & "Shea McKinney": There are some amazing new features in Drupal 7 and you want to get your hands on them. New modules are coming out for it every day. How do you identify if your current Drupal website can or should be migrated to Drupal 7? This presentation will take you though the questions you should be asking as well as show you some of the tools and tricks of the trade to migrate your Drupal 6 site into Drupal 7. After migrating over 180 websites in a massive multi-site setup we have a good understanding on this process and have some words of wisdom to share with you. h3. "Overcoming the Departmental Site Challenge: How to Unify Your University or College Web Platform with Drupal 7": *Presenters:* "Benjamin Koether": & "Jennifer Hols": & "Kristin Boden-MacKay": *Abstract*: Co-presentation by Portland State University and ImageX Media discussing best practices for using Drupal at your EDU, and an in-depth case study on how Drupal 7 is being used to manage over 190 department sites (and growing!) at Portland State University (PSU). Managing the hundreds of websites a large university needs is no simple task. Fortunately, Drupal 7 is up to the challenge. In this presentation you’ll hear some of the challenges our Drupal firm and PSU faced in migrating over 190 university department sites for PSU, and all the things we learned along the way. We will also show how the latest version of Drupal is the perfect solution for these challenges. The session includes how PSU used Drupal to achieve consistent branding, allow for customizations per department (while still maintaining and ensuring branding guidelines were kept in tact), syndication of content across multiple sites, robust access control, and create one-click installs to save time. We'll also discuss our experience migrating nearly 200 sites from D6 to D7, using Drupal distributions vs. custom development and separate site vs. multi-site implementations. h3. "Developing Information Architecture with Non-Technical Stakeholders": *Presenters:* "Vanessa Turke": This session will demonstrate that facilitating conversations with cross-functional client groups can not only be a terrific resource for the development of a solid Drupal information architecture, but can also result in educating and empowering future site users to leverage the strengths of Drupal more effectively. The presentation will focus on practical techniques and tools for working directly with the very people who will be responsible creating content and administering the site. Content writers, HR people, marketing departments and faculty members could all be examples of the types of internal or external clients who may be consulted with during the planning process. We will discuss some of the common stumbling blocks of working with laypeople and how to address them - outlining a step-by-step client-friendly process of developing site architecture using conversations around content creation workflow and end user needs. h3. "Doing more using LESS": *Presenters:* "Trent Stromkins": *Abstract*: LESS is a dynamic stylesheet language that can make your theming work easier, faster, and of course, better. We start with a basic introduction into using LESS CSS as a base. Add in the power that can be had with using LESS in your development process. Mix in some sweet tricks, including CSS3 covered bits. Bake in some dynamic grid building, and layout customization, and you have a very powerful base css that can be used for the base for all your themes. h3. "Drupal On a Dime": *Presenters:* "Benjamin Koether": & "Jennifer Hols": You already know Drupal is capable of doing almost anything... for a price. But what about those looking to leverage Drupal on a tight budget and timeline? Is it possible to build a kick-butt site on a dime and deploy it at warp speed without sacrificing quality? (i.e. “Can I have my cake and eat it too?”) h3. "Marketing and Selling Drupal - A Lively Panel Discussion": *Presenters:* "Glenn Hilton":, "Mike Caccavano": & "Dave Terry": Drupal is at an inflection point. While the recent adoption trends have been positive, the content management system (CMS) space is becoming more competitive. The proprietary CMSs are starting to take notice and the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) campaigns against Drupal have just begun. In this panel discussion, we will explore and recommend ways to better position, sell, and market Drupal. We will share actual success stories from the trenches of how large, enterprise-level Drupal deals were won (and lost). h3. "TWiT Does Drupal: This Week in Tech Case Study": *Presenters:* "Glenn Hilton": & "Leo Laporte": *Abstract*: A case study on how the "TWiT Network": is using Drupal to build communities around their media broadcast networks. The Network has over 40 hours of tech programming a week with approximately 5 million downloads per month. "Leo Laporte":, and 'The Tech Guy' show is broadcasted by "Premiere": to 170 radio stations worldwide with over 1 million listeners every week. The TWiT team asked ImageX to revamp their online network of sites to help strengthen their communities, grow their social presence and provide a vast searchable database of tech resources. Leo Laporte himself will join us to help share the story of TWiT and how Drupal's enabled them to transform their online presence. The session will also delve into some of the features and functionality created and how the rest of the community can benefit from it. *Remember guys, cast your votes before November 14th!*
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