Benefits of Drupal 8 in Higher Education

May 30 2019

Higher education institutions looking to adopt Drupal as their website platform, or those currently using the Drupal 7 platform, would be well advised to consider the advantages of Drupal 8. Of course, as the current, latest version, Drupal 8 is the logical choice for a “greenfield” project, where Drupal is not currently in use. This article will review the benefits of upgrading to Drupal 8 can provide to your institution.

The ImageX team was delighted to contribute to Acquia’s latest post, where we look at why an enterprise option such as Drupal or a distribution such as OpenEDU can be considered a better fit for educational institutions, taking into account the key areas to be considered when sourcing a platform, including the accessibility and personalization requirements of your digital platforms.

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