Drupal Migration Services

Looking for a partner to help with your migration or Drupal upgrade? Our team of experts can help you plan the best path for your organization.


Migration of content and data can be a large undertaking, complicated further when consolidating and modifying the data structure, or when rewriting content.

Our approach to migration projects is structured, based on our general project methodology. Since most migration projects involve both content and feature migration, we focus on planning early on, reviewing the existing site as well as any changes you may be planning.

We find there is no one size fits all approach and we’d expect to adapt as we learn more about your organization  and can distribute the content activities in whichever way will best serve the project.



Drupal gives you endless functionality and allows you to grow and pivot just as quickly as the web does.

The latest features in the current version of Drupal include a more intuitive user experience, increased accessibility, and improved user interface.


Migration to the latest version of the Drupal platform is critical to ensure that your digital ecosystem receives security and performance updates.

As part of the Drupal community, users are supported by the official Drupal Security Team who keep on top of the core code.


Choosing Drupal is future-proofing your website. Since Drupal 8 the platform is backward compatible so the migration from version to version is set to be seamless.

Paired with the right hosting solution, Drupal can easily handle high levels of traffic, ensuring true scalability, working as the foundation for your enterprise-level organization.

The team's project management approach is outstanding. Their resources communicate closely with the client and always listen to their requirements. Overall, they deliver everything the firm needs.

Debbie McKelvie Gutierrez , Senior VP Operations & R&D, InsMark, Inc

Make the move to Drupal 10 and beyond


With the completion of the strategic replacement of the Drupal core framework to Symfony, complex migrations from version to version are a thing of the past.

While updating from Drupal 7 or earlier to Drupal 8 was seen as a revolution, updating to Drupal 9, 10 and future releases are intended to be evolutions, no longer requiring wholesale rebuilds and migrations to properly update to new data structures.


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ImageX was founded in 2001, has been a specialized Drupal web agency since 2006, and is one of the top-ranked Drupal web development agencies globally, offering a full spectrum of digital services.

We are currently the #1 ranked Drupal agency in the world for customer satisfaction, with a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, according to the third-party rating firm Clutch.co.

ImageX is a preferred partner for a number of integration and hosting providers.

Our Team

Many agencies will offset senior leads with junior or intermediate resources for cost savings. Due to the size and complexity of the average ImageX client, our resource model only has senior or lead-level subject matter experts.

Many developers are Acquia-certified front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers, or Acquia Grand Master-certified.


Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with our wider team working remotely in North America, Latin America and Europe, we provide a time zone coverage of roughly 20 hours/day.

Our team includes 90+ full-time, permanent staff, with 45 senior developers all highly experienced in Drupal.

Our wider teams have extensive expertise in Drupal projects, with specializations in digital experience, UX, UI Design, SEO, Accessibility, and Content Strategy.

D7 EOL has been extended

Drupal 7’s end-of-life is scheduled for January 2025. Discover how to make a migration plan and what you should have as part of your digital strategy checklist with our D7 EOL guide. 

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